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Transport - Cycling

Cycling or bike riding is a method of transport some people prefer to use to get to work or school or run errands. However, please be aware that cyclists are subject to the same road rules as other vehicles in NSW and must obey the laws on traffic signals and street signs. All petrol powered bicycles are now banned in NSW as they are unsafe and put their riders and other road users at risk. 

Port Macquarie-Hastings Bike Plan

The  Port Macquarie-Hastings Bike Plan12MB pdf(PDF, 12MB) aims to increase cycling in our community by identifying areas where we can create bike lanes and paths for the shared enjoyment of our community and was developed in line with the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan. The long term vision of the plan is to encourage a healthy and active community supported by recreational infrastructure and ensuring our natural environments can be assessed by a network of footpaths, cycle ways and coastal hinterland walkways.

Bike paths in our region

Bike Racks Locations

There are several areas within the Port Macquarie CBD (funded through the Town Centre Master Plan reserve) available for bike parking which includes:

  • Port Central South entrance
  • Town Green
  • Port Central North Entrance
  • Horton Street at Port Central 
  • Clarence Street
Red - Existing racks (includes new projects e.g. Clarence St reconstruction and Horton Street Midblock Crossing

Blue - Proposed bike racks 

 Bike Racks.jpg

Special Road Rules for Cyclists:

  • Cyclists are allowed to turn right on a roundabout from the left-hand lane but when passing each exit, must give way to vehicles leaving the roundabout.
  • Cyclists can travel in transit and bus lanes except where signposted ‘Buses Only’
  • Cyclists must use marked and signposted bicycle lanes
  • Cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast but not more than 1.5 metres apart
  • Cyclists are only allowed to ride on footpaths where indicated by signs unless under the age of 12 years or supervising another cyclist under 12 years old
  • Cyclists should travel at a speed that is safe for them and the pedestrians encountered on a shared path
  • Cyclists should allow a metre gap when passing pedestrians where possible

This page was last updated on: 26 August 2020