Bike Plan

A bicycle network is a defined set of routes, both on and off-road, that make it possible to travel around a region by bike in a safe and connected manner.

Our Bike Plan is a strategic document to assist in the coordinated approach to delivering cycling infrastructure. It establishes cycling objectives for the region and identifies the actions needed to achieve these objectives. The overarching aim is to increase safe cycling levels in our community, for both transport and recreation.

Bikeplans were prepared in the late 1990s for the main urban areas of Port Macquarie- Hastings and for regional connectivity between these areas. These have guided ongoing cycleway construction. The region now has a network of on and off-road cycleways but at this stage the network lacks connectivity.

The new bike plan will provide revised action plans to continue the ongoing development of the bicycle network both within and linking the main urban areas of the region.

The Bike Plan aligns with key principles and objectives identified in the Community Strategic Plan, the Urban Growth Management Strategy and the Transport Strategy.

Bike Plan (2015)(PDF, 12MB)