Vegetation Management Plans

The purpose of a VMP is to develop a comprehensive and integrated approach to guide the immediate and long term management of native vegetation on the subject or other nominated sites and to ensure their protection and enhancement. Implementation of a VMP supports ongoing sustainable management of native vegetation and ensures that land clearing and land modification activities associated with a development are effectively ameliorated.

When is a VMP required?

Generally for proposed developments on sites which contain native vegetation of high conservation value or where the occurrence of environmentally sensitive areas on the subject site leads to significant environmental constraints. There are two main cases where a VMP may be required by Council:

Development Consent

Applies to proposed developments or subdivisions that are on or adjacent to sites that support or contain:

  • Remnant native vegetation (including scattered remnant trees)
  • Threatened native flora and fauna species, endangered ecological communities or their habitats
  • Permanent or ephemeral watercourses
  • Threats to native flora and fauna such as weeds described in the relevant regional Strategic Weed Management Plan or determined by Council’s Biosecurity Officer as requiring control.

Unauthorised Clearing

This situation applies following unauthorised clearing of native vegetation without relevant approval (or where that approval is pending) and where damage to native vegetation has occurred on a subject site as a result of poor site management.

It is important to note that a VMP is linked to the subject site and applies to that specific site for the life of the proposed development. To ensure protection and appropriate management of vegetation on the subject site prior to works commencing, during construction and following the completion of works, the recommendations included within the VMP may be incorporated by Council into the conditions of consent for a Development Application. Such recommendations may also be subject to a restriction of the land use or positive covenant under Section 88B or 88E respectively of the Conveyancing Act, 1919.

Further Information

See our Guidelines(PDF, 1MB)  for the preparation of Vegetation Management Plans for further information on the requirements, preparation, and how to implement a VMP.