Planning proposals

A Planning Proposal is the first step in preparing an LEP or an amendment to an LEP. If you want to request an amendment to the following matters, you’ll need to submit a Planning Proposal application through NSW Planning Portal. 

  • Zoning of land
  • Development standards (building height, floor space ratio, lot size)
  • Permitted land use

What is required to submit an application?

Planning proposal applications will require external planning expertise. We recommend that you consult a town planner before you prepare an application. You may need specialist consultants to offer technical input.

Large-scale projects and rezoning requests must demonstrate strategic merit and address the requirements of the Planning Proposal Policy.  

How to lodge a Planning Proposal application

  1. Review the Planning Proposal Policy
  2. Schedule a pre-lodgement meeting with our staff*
  3. Prepare your documents
  4. Request a fee quote
  5. Submit a Planning Proposal application through the NSW Department of Planning and Environment Planning Portal.

Once fees are paid, your application will be officially lodged.

* An officer will be in touch with you after we receive your booking request to confirm a pre-lodgement date and time. Meetings are via Skype during COVID and are held weekly on Tuesday's. Meetings are minuted and a copy of the minutes will be sent to you. 

What happens next?

  1. Planning Proposal applications will be formally considered at a Council meeting.
  2. If supported, we’ll submit a Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for review.
  3. Consultation with the community and stakeholders will occur following referral to the Department.
  4. Further assessment will be undertaken following the consultation period
  5. Both Council and the Department need to approve the final proposal

It’s not guaranteed that a request for an amendment will result in rezoning.

You can track the Planning Proposal once submitted to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.