Land for sale, lease or licence

We own and manage a range of properties, buildings and open space areas that are leased or licensed to commercial operators, community groups and individuals.  

Community leasing means that our facilities are used as spaces that benefit residents. In most cases, our tenants either provide a service for the community, or the space is used by community groups or organisations to facilitate meetings and activities.

Through leasing, we are able to support local groups and develop diverse partnerships. It also provides us with revenue that is allocated towards the provision of future community spaces, like parks, playgrounds and reserves.

From time to time, we may advertise properties that are classed as operational land for sale. When looking to sell, we follow the process as set out in the Local Government Act and strive to obtain the best return for our community. Revenue from the sale of operational land is used for the development of new or existing services or community infrastructure.

When one of our properties becomes available to lease, licence, or buy, we call for expressions of interests (EOIs). All current opportunities are listed below. The list may be empty if there are no current opportunities.

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Private sales to Council

If you'd like to enquire whether council may be interested in purchasing a property you own, please contact our Property team to provide information and discuss possible pathways.

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