On-site sewage approvals


Properties with on-site sewage, require approvals associated with installing, altering and using the system. As a homeowner, it's important that you protect your health and the environment by understanding how to effectively maintain and operate your system.

On-site sewage management systems treat and dispose of waste water and are required in all areas where connection to a sewer service is not available. They can include:

  • septic tank systems
  • aerated waste treatment systems
  • composting systems
  • greywater irrigation systems

If you’re purchasing a property with on-site sewage, you’ll need to apply for Approval to Operate within 3 months of property transfer. 

Request for pre-purchase reports

Repairing or replacing an existing on-site sewage management system can be expensive and they are not covered in building inspections.  We recommend a pre-purchase inspection before you buy to inform you of any potential upgrades or repairs that may be required for continued approval to operate.

You can request a pre-purchase inspection on an on-site sewer management system or to get a summary of Council records about the system. 

Approval to install or make alterations

You can request a fee quote by emailing dev.quotes@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or calling 6581 8111.

  1. The following supporting documents will be required as part of an application to install or alter:
  • Geotechnical waste water report conducted by a suitable qualified person to ensure the system is design to suit the environment and operate efficiently.
  • Site plan showing boundary outlines, use of adjoining properties (e.g. rural dwelling, road, reserve etc.), location of all buildings (existing and proposed) and any rivers, creeks, drainage gullies, dams or environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Details of system to be installed including information on type, make and model, any type of surface irrigation and details of any raised garden beds.

2. Complete an on-site sewage management system application to install or alter.

Lodgement options are:

  • Bring your quote into Council, pay fees and submit application form and supporting documents on a disk or USB at the same time.
  • Bring your quote into Council, pay fees and wait for Council’s email with instructions on how to upload your documents via a OneDrive folder.
  • Contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 6581 8111 and pay over the phone then wait for Council’s email with instructions on how to upload your documents via a OneDrive folder.

Your application will be acknowledged and you will receive your application number (for example: SD2014 - 123) and assessing officer details.

Council will make a determination on your application and let you know the outcome.

Approval to operate

  1. Complete the on-site sewage management system application to operate online form
  2. Associated fees can be payed at any Council office.
  3. You will be contacted by one of our Environmental Health Officers to arrange an inspection. 

Associated fees and charges

Residents using an on-site sewage system will be charged additional annual fees(PDF, 4MB) (exempt of GST) for management services. The cost of these services is not financed from ordinary rates. Fees are renewed every year as part of your rates notice.