Bridge maintenance

Kindee Bridge 800x500.jpg

We look after more than 145 bridges! This includes, road bridges, pedestrian bridges, flood mitigation channel bridges and timber wharfs.

We spend about $1 Million maintaining our bridges each year, as well as applying for State and Federal Government grants to helps us with major upgrades.

Bridge Maintenance Program

Our Bridge Maintenance Program forms an integral part of our overall Bridge Management Strategy, ensuring this important community infrastructure remains safe and reliable to meet the level of service required by the community. It includes reactive maintenance, urgent repairs and proactive routine maintenance. 

Working in conjunction with our Bridge Maintenance Program is our Bridge Replacement Program which is focused on replacing, rehabilitating and upgrading high priority bridges throughout the region. 

Current works - September 2022

  • Bril Bril Bridge, Rollands Plains - timber bridge rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Rawdon Island Bridge - Repairs after structural issues found post floods

Upcoming program to June 2023

  • North Shore - Installation of new flood gates
  • Kindee Road (Bridge) - replacement of timber culvert
  • Black Creek Bridge - complete timber rebuild