Land Access and Activity Notifications

Utility service authorities or the agents of electricity and telecommunications infrastructure suppliers are required to notify Council of planned works as required under the relevant Telecommunications Act and Electrical Supply Act.

This is known as a Land Access and Activity Notice (LAN) and must adhere to the respective Codes, Act and Notice requirements applicable for such activities within the road reserve.

  • Under the Telecommunications Act requirements, telecommunications authorities and their agents must provide a minimum of 10 days' notice to Council prior to any works being undertaken.
  • Under the Electricity Supply Act, electricity authorities and their agents must provide a minimum of 40 days' notice to Council prior to any work being undertaken.


Where an agent of a utility provider requires to temporarily close or obstruct the public road in order to carry out their works, they must first submit an Application for Works, Activities and Events within the Public Road Reserve to us with the relevant documentation. 

Under the NSW Roads Act 1993, entities are not permitted to close a road or regulate traffic on a public road, without the road authority's consent. 

You'll need to supply us with the location of the activity, your risk assessment documents, and a traffic guidance scheme or traffic management plan prepared by a licenced officer.