We use AUS-SPEC planning, design, and construction for civil engineering works associated with subdivisions and development. You’ll find design specifications, construction standards, checklists and drawings for civil infrastructure design and construction. 

Design specifications

Specifications for planning and design of civil infrastructure

D1 - Geometric Road(PDF, 512KB)
D2 Pavement(PDF, 125KB)
D3 - Civil Structures and Bridges(PDF, 85KB)
D4 - Subsurface(PDF, 112KB)
D5 - Stormwater drainage(PDF, 496KB)
D6 - Site regrading(PDF, 86KB)
D7 - Stormwater management(PDF, 2MB)
D8 - Waterfront development(PDF, 210KB)
D9 - Cycleways and pathways(PDF, 86KB)
D10 - Bushfire protection(PDF, 249KB)
D11 - Water reticulation(PDF, 111KB)
D12 - Sewer(PDF, 103KB)
D13 - Land streetscape(PDF, 161KB)
D14 - Work as executed(PDF, 218KB)
D15 - CAD specifications(PDF, 899KB)
DQS - Quality assurance of engineering(PDF, 373KB)

Supplemental information

D5 - Stormwater drainage and D7 - Stormwater management

These files enable design submissions to be compliant with Council's AusSpec Design Specifications: D5 - Stormwater drainage and D7 - Stormwater management.

BOM data(ZIP, 9MB)
Music(ZIP, 30KB)
Runoff Transposition(ZIP, 13KB)

D15 CAD specifications

These files enable survey and design information to be provided that is compliant with Council's Design Specification - D15 CAD specifications. Includes AutoCAD template and 12D Survey Mapping Files .

D15 - AutoCAD Template Files(ZIP, 426KB)
12D Survey Mapping Files(ZIP, 19KB)
Submitting Projected Data in MGA(DOC, 20KB) (describes the current requirements to transfer information into Council's own mapping system.)

Construction standards