We use AUS-SPEC planning, design, and construction for civil engineering works associated with subdivisions and development. You’ll find design specifications, construction standards, checklists and drawings for civil infrastructure design and construction. 

Design specifications

Specifications for planning and design of civil infrastructure

D1 - Geometric Road(PDF, 512KB)
D2 Pavement(PDF, 125KB)
D3 - Civil Structures and Bridges(PDF, 85KB)
D4 - Subsurface(PDF, 112KB)
D5 - Stormwater drainage(PDF, 496KB)
D6 - Site regrading(PDF, 86KB)
D7 - Stormwater management(PDF, 2MB)
D8 - Waterfront development(PDF, 210KB)
D9 - Cycleways and pathways(PDF, 86KB)
D10 - Bushfire protection(PDF, 249KB)
D11 - Water reticulation(PDF, 111KB)
D12 - Sewer(PDF, 103KB)
D13 - Land streetscape(PDF, 161KB)
D14 - Work as executed(PDF, 218KB)
D15 - CAD specifications(PDF, 899KB)
DQS - Quality assurance of engineering(PDF, 373KB)

Supplemental information

D5 - Stormwater drainage and D7 - Stormwater management

These files enable design submissions to be compliant with Council's AusSpec Design Specifications: D5 - Stormwater drainage and D7 - Stormwater management.

Conceptual on-site detention (OSD) calculator to assist in concept level design / sizing of volumes and orifice for infill development only. The tool is not to be used for detailed design, ‘For Construction’ design purposes, or developments on lots larger than 1,200m2. Open the Excel file and click on the macro button “Start OSD calculator CLICK HERE” within the OSD Calculator sheet to initiate the macro-based program. If this tool has been used to assist in development of a conceptual stormwater design for DA purposes, please provide a screenshot of the entire OSD calculator window with the stormwater plan.

OSD Calculator(ZIP, 231KB)

MUSIC Rainfall and PET Data(ZIP, 6MB)


D15 CAD specifications

These files enable survey and design information to be provided that is compliant with Council's Design Specification - D15 CAD specifications. Includes AutoCAD template and 12D Survey Mapping Files .

D15 - AutoCAD Template Files(ZIP, 426KB)
12D Survey Mapping Files(ZIP, 19KB)
Submitting Projected Data in MGA(DOC, 20KB) (describes the current requirements to transfer information into Council's own mapping system.)

Construction standards

Water and Sewer Specifications

The adoption of the AUS-SPEC Water and Sewerage specifications ensures that Council is at the forefront of the Water Industry Best practice.

To align to the Water Industry best practice, Council has adopted the National Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Codes as the base specification for all water and sewerage works. To make the national codes applicable to Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, we have developed a Supplement Document outlining our requirements for specific detail which the Code anticipates individual water agencies will address. It includes additions, deletions and variations to the Code where the Code's requirements are not compatible with our current requirements (due to local practice, climatic, geographic and topographic conditions and statutory requirements, etc.) or where the Code is otherwise silent.

eBook versions of the latest WSAA Codes are available for purchase and download via the WSAA website(External link).

Theses ebooks are the primary method for accessing the most current versions of the WSAACodes. WSAA Shop: WSAA Codes | Water Services Association of Australia

Council worked with industry in 2018 to inform the development these specifications for the private delivery of public water and sewerage infrastructure. Council has also applied these specifications to Council delivered work since 2018. Feedback from industry and learnings from Council works have now informed the adopted specifications. This collaborative and adaptive approach ensures a robust set of documents that: work for Council, work for industry and achieve the quality outcomes required by our community in delivering long-term infrastructure requirements.

Council acknowledges that the documented specifications will not cover every situation or site-specific circumstance and views its approach to developing these standards as key to a long-term partnership that supports industry innovation. Council is genuinely committed to working with industry to define practical and meaningful standards that deliver for our community.

Next steps

The new Water and Sewerage Design specifications will be adopted from 1 July 2024 with the industry encouraged to apply the new standards to all new designs. A six-month grace period will be in place to transition to the new specifications. By 13 January 2025, the latest standard ASD 400 and ASD 500 series of drawings for Water and Sewer, along with Supplements to the WSAA codes, will apply for all Construction Plans approved for Letter of Acceptance and Subdivision Works Certificate.

More information

We have created a mark-up of changes and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you in understanding the changes at a high level


The PMHC supplement documents can be viewed here:
(The changes have been highlighted in yellow)

PMHC SUPPLEMENT to WSA Gravity Sewerage and Pump Station Codes(PDF, 1MB)

PMHC SUPPLEMENT to WSA Water Supply Code(PDF, 4MB)


Changes to the 2018 Water and Sewer standard drawings can be viewed here:
(The changes have been clouded in red)

ASD Sewer Pumpstation 500 Series(PDF, 21MB)

ASD Water 400 Series(PDF, 6MB)


Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs AUS-SPEC Design Specifications(PDF, 211KB)



It is intended to update both the Water and Sewerage Standard Drawings and the Supplements every two years or as required. This will ensure the Standard Drawings and Specification reflects Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s desire to be at the forefront of Water Industry Best Practice Procedures, and to reflect changes in Council’s Policy.

A live feedback/comments register is maintained, should you have any feedback on the specifications please call 6581 8111 or email

Any required changes will be reviewed by both Utilities Operations and Planning teams before implementation.