Roadside vegetation management


We are lucky to live in a region with unique vegetation and important wildlife habitats. We work to maintain this, while balancing the keeping of roadside vegetation, so drivers can see when using our roads.

With over 1,300km of roads, we have a lot of vegetation to manage! We run an outreach mowing program, which works its way around the region over a 5-year period, trimming saplings and branches to improve visibility and keep you safe.

We also have an annual roadside slashing program for our sealed roads to control weeds and vegetation on our rural roads.

If you see an issue on our roads, please let us know by reporting using report a road issue.

Outreach Mowing Program - 5-yearly program

Road Name Anticipated Next Scheduled Financial Year
Acacia Drive 2023/2024
Aintree Close 2023/2024
Algona Road 2022/2023
Amos Road 2025/2026
Apanie Road 2023/2024
Apple Tree Road 2025/2026
Bago Road 2024/2025
Baileys Road 2024/2025
Ballengara Bransdon Road 2024/2025
Bartletts Road 2025/2026
Batar Creek Road 2022/2023
Beechwood Road 2025/2026
Bellhaven Road 2022/2023
Bellangry Road 2025/2026
Bengal Street 2023/2024
Berrymans Road 2022/2023
Bethseda Road 2022/2023
Bill Hill Road 2024/2025
Birralee Drive 2023/2024
Bitter Ground Creek Road 2025/2026
Black Creek Road 2022/2023
Blackbutt Road 2022/2023
Blackbutt Road West 2021/2022
Blackmans Point Road 2023/2024
Blanches Road 2022/2023
Blue Gum Road 2025/2026
Bobs Creek Road 2022/2023
Bonny View Drive and surrounding streets 2022/2023
Boswell Drive 2023/2024
Boytrang Road 2025/2026
Bril Bril Bellangry Road 2024/2025
Brookhouse Road 2024/2025
Bulli Creek Road 2022/2023
Burrawan Forest Drive 2023/2024
Bushland Drive 2023/2024
Byabarra Bagnoo Road 2021/2022
Capararos Road 2025/2026
Caringal Drive 2022/2023
Cedar Loggers Lane 2022/2023
Cedarwood Lane 2022/2023
Clarefield Dungay Road 2024/2025
Clayworths Road 2025/2026
Cluleys Road 2022/2023
Cobb and Co Road 2022/2023
Colling Road 2025/2026
Colvin Street 2023/2024
Comboyne Road 2022/2023
Cooks Road 2022/2023
Coombes Road 2025/2026
Cooperabung Drive 2024/2025
Corrigans Road 2022/2023
Costigans Road 2025/2026
Cowal Creek Road 2024/2025
Cutlers Road 2024/2025
Cutty Creek Road 2022/2023
Deep Creek Road 2021/2022
Diamond Head Road 2023/2024
Doyles Road 2024/2025
Ducks Ridge Road 2025/2026
Eastern Boundary Road 2025/2026
Elfords Road 2024/2025
Ellenborough Road 2025/2026
Ellenborough Reserve Road 2025/2026
Ennis Road 2024/2025
Farrawells Road 2024/2025
Fegans Road 2022/2023
Fernbank Creek Road 2023/2024
Fishers Ridge Road 2024/2025
Forbes River Road 2025/2026
Forest Way 2023/2024
Foxes Creek Road 2022/2023
Foxs Road 2024/2025
Freemans Road 2023/2024
Glen Ewan Road 2023/2024
Gum Scrub Road 2023/2024
Hacks Ferry Road 2024/2025
Hannam Vale Road 2022/2023
Hartys Plains Rd (North) 2025/2026
Hartys Plains Road (South) 2021/2022
Hastings River Drive 2023/2024
Haydons Wharf Road 2023/2024
Herbert Gill Road 2025/2026
Herberts Road 2024/2025
Herons Creek Road 2022/2023
Hewens Road 2025/2026
Hidden Valley Road 2023/2024
Houston Mitchell Drive 2022/2023
Huntingdon Road 2024/2025
Hursley Road 2023/2024
Hyndmans Creek Road 2021/2022
Ingleside Road 2025/2026
Innes View Road 2025/2026
Isaacs Road 2022/2023
Ivers Road 2022/2023
John Oxley Drive 2023/2024
Jones Road 2022/2023
Kendall Road 2022/2023
Kindee Road 2025/2026
King Creek Road 2023/2024
Koppin Yarrat Road 2021/2022
Koree Island Road 2025/2026
Lake Innes Drive 2022/2023
Lansdowne Mountain Road 2022/2023
Lantana Road 2021/2022
Latimores Road (East) 2022/2023
Latimores Road (West) 2025/2026
Lemon Gum Road 2025/2026
Littles Loop Road 2024/2025
Llanthony Road 2021/2022
Logans Crossing Road 2022/2023
Long Point Drive 2023/2024
Lorne Road 2021/2022
Maria River Road 2023/2024
McMillan Drive 2024/2025
Mi Trotters Road 2024/2025
Miles Drive 2022/2023
Molly Milligan Road 2024/2025
Monaghans Road 2025/2026
Mooney Street 2024/2025
Moorside Drive 2024/2025
Mortons Creek Road 2025/2026
Mount Gibraltar Road 2025/2026
Mount Seaview Road 2025/2026
Mundays Lane 2023/2024
Muscio Road 2023/2024
Myall Scrub Road 2024/2025
Nancy Bird Walton Drive 2022/2023
Narrow Gut Road 2023/2024
North Branch Road 2022/2023
North Wall Road 2023/2024
O'Sullivans Lane 2021/2022
Oakes Crescent 2023/2024
Ocean Drive (Kew to Lakewood) 2023/2024
Ocean Drive (Lake Cathie to Port Macquarie) 2022/2023
Ocean Drive (North Haven to Bonny Hills) 2023/2024
Old Coach Road 2022/2023
Old Kempsey Road 2024/2025
Old King Creek Road 2023/2024
Old Mill Road 2022/2023
Old School Road 2022/2023
Orara Lane 2025/2026
Pappinbarra Road 2025/2026
Pappinbarra Road (Left Arm) 2025/2026
Pappinbarra Road (Right Arm) 2025/2026
Parsons Road 2026/2027
Pembrooke Road (North) 2024/2025
Pembrooke Road (South) 2023/2024
Pembrooke Village Road 2024/2025
Pfeiffers Road 2026/2027
Pine Scrub Road 2025/2026
Pipeclay Road 2025/2026
Playfords Road 2021/2022
Plomer Road 2023/2024
Ponsfords Road 2026/2027
Quarry Road 2025/2026
Rawdon Island Road 2023/2024
Ready Money Road 2024/2025
Red Hill Road 2023/2024
Redbank Road 2025/2026
Reids Road 2024/2025
River Oaks Drive 2022/2023
Riverside Drive 2023/2024
Roach Road 2025/2026
Rollands Plains Road 2024/2025
Ron Banks Road 2022/2023
Roseneath Road 2022/2023
Rosewood Road 2024/2025
Ross Glen Road 2022/2023
Rowsells Road 2024/2025
Roys Road 2022/2023
Ryans Road 2023/2024
Sancrox Road 2023/2024
Sarahs Crescent 2023/2024
Scotts Plains Road 2023/2024
Sharkeys Road 2024/2025
Shoreline Drive 2023/2024
Smiths Road 2022/2023
Sommervilles Rd 2022/2023
Spokes Road 2024/2025
Stagecoach Road 2022/2023
Stennets Road 2022/2023
Stewarts River Road 2022/2023
Stoney Creek Road 2024/2025
Sullivans Road 2022/2023
Sun Valley Road 2024/2025
Sunnyvale Road 2022/2023
Tall Timber Road 2022/2023
Telegraph Point Road 2024/2025
The Cedars Road 2025/2026
The Grange 2023/2024
The Hatch Road 2024/2025
Tilbaroo Road 2026/2027
Tipperary Road 2021/2022
Toms Creek Road 2026/2027
Tower Road 2024/2025
Upper Rollands Plains Road 2024/2025
Upsalls Creek Road 2022/2023
Wallis Road 2026/2027
Walters Road 2023/2024
West Frazers Creek Road 2025/2026
Willow Crescent 2023/2024
Wingham Road 2026/2027

Roadside Slashing Program - 12-monthly

Note: This table is updated annually as required.

Road Name Occurs annually in the following months
Aintree Close April
Algona Road Feburary
Bago Road March
Ballengarra Bransdon Road July
Batar Creek Road February
Beechwood Road August
Bellangry Road September
Billabong Drive March
Black Creek Road Feburary
Blackmans Point Road June
Bobs Creek Road March
Bulli Creek Road October
Burrawan Forest Drive April
Bushland Drive March 
Colling Road November
Comboyne Road October
Cooperabung Drive July
Ducks Ridge Road November
Ellenborough Road December
Fernbank Creek Road May
Forbes River Road December
Hastings River Drive May
Herons Creek Road March
Houston Mitchell Drive April
Huntingdon Road October
Innes View Road November
John Oxley Drive May
Kendall Road February
Kindee Road December
King Creek Road March
Koree Island Road September
Lake Innes Drive April
Logans Crossing Road February
Long Point Drive April
Lorne Road (Comboyne) October
Lorne Road (Lorne) January
McMillan Drive June
Miles Drive February
Mooney Street July
Mortons Creek Road August
Mount Seaview Road December
Nancy Bird Walton Drive February
North Branch Road February
Oaks Crescent May
Ocean Drive February
Old King Creek Road March
Pappinbarra Road September
Pembrooke Road June
Pipeclay Road September
Playfords Road November
Ponsfords Road November
Quarry Road October
Rawdon Island Road March
Red Hill Road July
Redbank Road June
Reids Road August
Riverside Drive May
Rollands Plains Road August
Ron Banks Road March
Rosewood Road September
Ross Glen Road February
Sancrox Road March
Sarahs Crescent March
Shoreline Drive April
Stewarts River Road January
Stoney Creek Road June
Sullivans Road January
Telegraph Point Village July
Telegraph Point Village North August
Toms Creek Road December
Upper Rollands Plains Road August
Upsalls Creek Road February
Wallis Road December
Willows Crescent May
Wingham Road November