Road maintenance

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Road maintenance is one of our core services and we know it’s one of your highest priorities too. With over 1,300km of roads, we get a lot of requests for repairs! We’ve got to make sure we fix the high risks first so we can keep you safe.

We prioritise our roads repairs based on traffic numbers, significance, speed limit, bus routes, proximity to places of public interest and pedestrian activity. We also get an independent road survey done each year to help us plan future road maintenance. 

Road maintenance includes pothole repairs (jetpatching), resealing, unsealed road grading, roadside vegetation maintenance and road drainage cleaning and repairs (kerb and gutter, shoulder grading and stormwater pipes and pits). We have an annual budget for our maintenance programs and our bigger projects are included in our Delivery Program and Operational Plan.


Most of the time we will fix potholes on our roads through a process called jetpatching. This fills the holes with a tar and stone mix; we do this as it is a cost-efficient way to maintain the road before we schedule and budget for larger road repair works.

When potholes are reported they are assessed for their risk based on their location and their size and added to our works program; potholes can be reported on our report a road issue page.

Road grading

Over 450km of our areas roads are unsealed (gravel). Most of these are graded every 12 months or every 6 months for the roads with more traffic dependant on the road condition. The grading process reshapes the road by bringing the gravel from the sides back to the middle, removing potholes and reducing lumps and bumps. Grading is better carried out in dry weather as wet weather can cause the road to become boggy or slushy.

We need your help in monitoring the state of our roads; if you come across a road that needs immediate attention request an inspection by reporting a road issue.

Road resealing

Resealing is a preventative measure to protect our roads, like paint protection on your car, but it is usually targeted to roads that are in fair to good condition and need surface treatment.

We spray roads with a new coat of bitumen which has to set before a final coat is put on. There will be some loose stones while these layers set so we ask motorists to please drive carefully as per the road conditions.

Often resealing is a two-step process and waterproofs the road to minimise the potential for potholes and cracks to form. It's a great way to reduce our road maintenance costs by extending the service life of the road. Resealing costs about one tenth of a full reconstruction and can give us an extra 10-15 years out of a road!

We engage a specialist to help us undertake an independent survey of our roads to help us identify the roads that are suitable to be resealed, and which roads may need more extensive reconstruction. It's important to note, not all roads are suitable for the resealing program, or they may not require treatment at a particular point in time.

Each year we carry out planned, proactive maintenance as part of our Annual Road Renewal Program. We target roads all throughout our region as part of this program of works.

State owned roads

Roads like the Pacific Highway and the Oxley Highway are owned and managed by Transport for NSW. Transport for NSW also manages all the intersections on these roads, including:

  • Houston Mitchell Drive/Pacific Highway
  • King Creek Road/Oxley Highway
  • Wrights Road/John Oxley Drive roundabout
  • Sherwood Road/Lake Road roundabout

If you have any questions about these roads or intersections, please contact Transport for NSWYou can find information road classifications, and see who the road authority is for each road in our region in our road register.