If you are a senior citizen there are services available to help you depending on your circumstances. Many of these are provided by the government and can be accessed via the MyAgedCare website. We are a community that cares and you will find lots of organisations, agencies and service providers in the area who offer targeted support to seniors.  

The Community Directory and Diary is a site we provide where local not-for-profit community based organisations and groups can promote their services and post events.

Our Community Grants program is one way we help community groups deliver projects that will benefit residents - including seniors. Community sponsored projects include upgrades to community buildings, health and wellbeing activities for seniors as some examples.

We celebrate national Seniors Week. Local business, community groups and Council do this in different ways year to year by hosting or sponsoring events, delivering awareness programs, and other initiatives that enable our community to celebrate, include and support senior citizens.  For information on what Council is doing in Seniors Week check out our Seniors Week events page.