Port Macquarie-Hastings Sporting Fund


The Port Macquarie-Hastings Sporting Fund (formerly known as the Mayor's Sporting Fund) helps young local athletes attend elite level sporting competitions outside of our local government area. The Committee meets monthly as required to consider applications received. 

Before applying

Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

  • Between 13 and 21 years of age by the date which the competition will take place.
  • Australian citizens or a permanent Australian resident, living in the Port Macquarie-Hastings local government area. 
  • Have gained selection/qualified to compete at state, national and international competitions.
  • Participating in a sport that is recognised within the National Sporting Organisation list produced by the National Sports Commission.

The full eligibility conditions can be found in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Sporting Fund Criteria(PDF, 302KB).

How to apply

Complete the online application and submit it before the nominated competition date. It can take about a month to review applications and decide on a worthy recipient so ensure you apply early.

Prepare your application with supporting documents to help give you the best chance of being selected as the recipient.

Apply now

Choosing the recipient

The Port Macquarie-Hastings Sporting Fund committee assesses applications and submits their recommendations to the elected Council who are the determining body for allocation of grants under the Fund. Applications are assessed in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Sporting Fund Criteria(PDF, 302KB) document.

Grant & Scholarship recipients

See below a list of young sporting stars who have received support from the Port Macquarie Hastings Sporting Fund over the past few years.


Sport Applicant
Rugby                       Samuel Young                             
Hockey  Taj McIntosh
Hockey Bear Farmer
Cricket Lane Jordan



Sport Applicant
Rugby League Will Rosenbaum
Surfing Lola Styles
Athletics Nate Castelli
Hockey Maddison Drewitt
Football (soccer) Cruz Tate-Whalley
Touch Football Noah Langdon
Athletics Cameron McLean-Prosser
Orienteering Jessica Dun
Touch Football Zac Hoolahan
Surfing  Imogen Enfield
Athletics Oliver Zavone



Sport Applicant
Athletics Flynn Daly
Hockey  Charlie Dargan
Athletics Trent Alley (Wayne Richards Scholarship winner 2022) 
Weightlifting  Taylah Debreceny 
Football (soccer)  Danny Barratt 
Football (soccer)  Fynn Barratt 
Football (soccer)  Ty Mckibbin 
Football (soccer)  Zora Boskovski 
Karate  Sam Hilton 
Basketball  Trelise Kirby 
Hockey  Maddison Drewitt 
Netball  Lacey Costigan 
Hockey  Tobias Toohey 
Beach Volleyball  Hayden Johnson 



Sport  Applicant 
Beach Volleyball  Phoebe Hempsell 
Netball  Jasmine Hyde 
Rugby Union  Naykisha Little-Legend 
Football (soccer)  Ty Mckibbin 
Beach Volleyball Laura Reynolds 
Beach Volleyball Charlie Beard 
Hockey  Bayden Smith 
Swimming Phoebe Bentley 
Beach Volleyball  Keira Johnson 
Beach Volleyball  Matt Olsen 
Beach Volleyball  Andrew Olsen 
Hockey  Maddison Drewitt 
Rugby League  Stella Tijou 



Sport Applicant
Swimming Phoebe Bentley 



Sport Applicant
Athletics Nathan Graham
Athletics  Madelaine Goodridge 
Swimming  Bailey Whitton 
Swimming  Morgan Jean 
Hockey  Maddison Drewitt
Rugby  Wauchope Under 18's Girls Rugby Team 
Swimming  Shanay Northey 
Swimming  Phoebe Bentley 
Motocross  Shannon Moore 
Swimming  Claire McIntosh 
Swimming  Sarah McIntosh 
Hockey  Ryan Payne