Asbestos disposal

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Asbestos is a hazardous material that may be found in many local homes and buildings, as well as in soils in the region. If your house or property was built before 1990 it is likely to contain asbestos.

If you find asbestos debris on your property, we recommend engaging a licensed tradesperson to assess the situation and remove it.

Our waste facility at Cairncross can accept asbestos waste, but deliveries need to be booked in advance. If you see dumped materials that may contact asbestos, please report it immediately

Identifying asbestos

In the home: 

  • Asbestos will be found in most buildings constructed between 1945 and 1990. Asbestos is considered safe if it’s in good condition and undisturbed. 
  • The NSW government’s Asbestos website can help you identify asbestos. 

Naturally occurring: 

  • Asbestos naturally occurs in serpentinite rocks, which are found soils in the local area. It’s considered safe if left untouched. 
  • Activities such as excavation, road works and farming can disturb naturally occurring asbestos. 
  • This map(PDF, 911KB) shows areas where asbestos has been identified in the local area. There may be other locations not identified on the map.

Removing asbestos

It’s recommended that all asbestos removal be undertaken by a licensed asbestos removalist.  

Homeowners can remove up to 10 square metres of bonded asbestos (such as fibro) with appropriate safety precautions.  

You’ll need to use a licensed asbestos removalist for amounts greater than 10 square metres. You can locate one using the locator on the NSW government’s Asbestos website.

Disposing of asbestos

Our Cairncross Waste Management Facility accepts asbestos waste. Disposal loads must be booked in advance by phoning 02 6585 0738, with at least 24 hours’ notice. 

When you book, we’ll need to know: 

  • the type of asbestos waste 
  • the number of loads, and size of each load 
  • the source of the waste 
  • the contact details for the transporter  
  • the delivery date.

There are some requirements for how asbestos must be packaged for disposal: 

  • Asbestos must be placed into heavy duty plastic bags made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) at least 0.2mm thick.
  • The bags must be double wrapped/sealed and taped shut.
  • Each bag should weigh no more than 25kg. 

Reporting found asbestos

Please contact us immediately if: 

  • you find material that has been dumped, and you think it may contain asbestos – we can ensure it is contained and disposed of safely
  • you have any concerns about asbestos at a worksite or private property – we can investigate, and the owner may be required to dispose of the material
  • you have any questions about naturally-occurring asbestos.

How you can contact us