It’s our job to regulate parking throughout the central business areas of Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Laurieton, and North Haven. Parking is free, but time limits have been set to ensure there’s enough parking for everyone.

Short and long term parking

All parking in our region is free in the Central Business Districts (CBD) areas of Laurieton, North Haven, Port Macquarie, and Wauchope.

Time limits have been set to make sure there’s enough parking for everyone.

Many of the parking spaces in these areas are electronically monitored and our rangers patrol on a regular basis.

Spaces with longer time limits in the Port Macquarie CBD can be found on the Port Macquarie Town Centre Parking Map(PDF, 256KB).  

Motorbike parking

Parking motorbikes in dedicated motorbike spaces frees up other spaces for other vehicles.

The location of motorbike spaces in the Port Macquarie CBD can be found on the Port Macquarie Town Centre Motorcycle Parking Map(PDF, 2MB)

Disability Parking

Street access and accessible facilities within the Port Macquarie Hastings, including disabled parking spaces, toilets, kerb ramps, ATMs and public transport points are available in this access map(PDF, 452KB).

Disabled drivers with a Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit displayed on the windscreen are entitled to the following parking concessions:   

  • when parking is limited by a sign to more than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park all day
  • where parking is limited by a sign for 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for 2hrs
  • where parking is limited by a sign to less than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.

You must display the new Australian Disability Parking Permit along with your NSW MPS permit to be eligible for parking concessions. The permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder. Heavy fines apply for misuse.

Full details regarding obtaining and using MPS permits are available from the Roads and Maritime Service.

Parking long vehicles and caravans

We don’t have any dedicated long vehicle car parking spaces, however there are many wide streets that will accommodate a long vehicle.

Residential parking

We are often called upon to help residents when parked cars are restricting residential access and traffic flow.

Use this fact sheet(PDF, 773KB) as a guide to check:

  • If a car is parked illegally near or across a driveway
  • How close cars can park to an intersection
  • If cars can park on both sides of a road
  • If signage is being obeyed.

If we can help you resolve an issue, make sure to report it to us.

Report a parking issue

Parking fines

Council is changing the way you receive your parking infringement. From Monday January 23, all parking infringements will now be emailed and mailed direct to the registered owner from Revenue NSW, the responsible authority for managing fines on our behalf once they've been issued.

Benefits of the change include increased safety for rangers, streamlining the notification and payment process, and ensuring an accurate record of the fine is provided direct to the customer instead of on the spot.

Our rangers will still be ensuring drivers comply with parking time limits and are parking safely, and they will still be responsible for informing Revenue NSW about non-compliance. 

Parking fines are set by Transport for NSW, and fine notices can’t be altered or withdrawn by our rangers once issued.

  • Paying a fine: We do not accept payment of fines. You’ll need to follow the instructions you receive to pay your fine through Revenue NSW.
  • Appealing a fine: Appeals should be made directly to Revenue NSW.