Load limits and speed limits


Speeding and dangerous driving are a serious concern for us all. Speed limits are set by Transport for NSW in accordance with the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines. If you would like to request a review of the speed limit in your area, please contact Transport for NSW or visit Safer Roads NSW.

The NSW Police enforce driver behaviour and if you have concerns about speeding or other dangerous driving you can report it to their assistance line on 13 14 44.

Load limits

Load limits are applied to roads and bridges to protect road pavement and bridge structures and ensure safe and reliable conditions for road users. These load limits help to minimise the damage that can be caused by overloaded or heavy vehicles. 

In some instances, damage from heavy vehicles may cause a complete closure of a road or bridge while repairs or replacement is completed.

We impose suitable load limits to control the risk of overloaded bridge structures from heavy vehicles to preserve roads and bridges, ensure safety for road users, and maintain access for road users. 

Timber bridge inspections and new load limits

In September 2019, we undertook a detailed inspection and structural assessment of the majority of our 64 timber bridges. This project was supported by funding assistance from the NSW Government.

As a result of our inspections, we identified a number of bridges that are considered to be under capacity for the current heavy vehicle use, and are subsequently at risk of failure from a safety and reliability perspective. 

You can use our interactive map to view the relevant load limits on timber and railway bridges in the region.