Bushland management


We support and promote sustainability by prioritising the protection and restoration of bushland reserves.

We are so fortunate to have this beautiful rainforest, and the incredible plants and animals that live in here. We need to ensure we preserve it so we can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

Through our partnerships with conservation groups, we are working hard to enhance, manage and maintain our natural resources by supporting biodiversity and planning for the future.

This includes closing informal paths that have been created by people who have made their way through our natural bush, to access a location. These tracks often negatively impact areas that are zoned for environmental protection.

Bushland regeneration

Bush regeneration is the practice of restoring bushland by focusing on reinstating and reinforcing an ecological community’s natural regenerative processes.

Through our bushland management works, we aim to rehabilitate bushland from damages and disturbances. By doing this, degraded plant communities can be restored to healthy ecosystems composed of locally occurring native flora and fauna. 

You can find more information about our work in this area in our Biodiversity Management Strategy – which aims to guide and enable strategic growth and development, while conserving biodiversity values. 

Our responsibilities

Over time, many areas of land in our LGA have been zoned, guided by legislation, to avoid human impact and ensure protection of biodiversity in the area.

Under these zoning laws, we have a responsibility to minimise impact on essential elements to our ecosystems - like soil compaction, erosion and general disturbance of the vegetation.

We manage a large amount of bushland and reserves that are owned by Crown Lands. In line with our responsibilities as the Land Manager, we are required to manage the bushland in accordance with the Crown Lands gazetted purpose – which is often environmental conservation.

This means we must pursue innovative and ecologically sustainable approaches towards our community living harmoniously with our environment. This includes creating spaces and tracks that are safe for both our people and nature. 

Your responsibilities

There is lots of work being done to conserve our amazing natural environment, so it's important that all locals and visitors are respectful and considerate of conservation efforts.

You can do this by working to understand your impact in our bushland – and recognising where you are welcome, and where we need to give space to native flora and fauna.

There are a range of walking trails and public reserves in our region, where you can enjoy our natural environment and limit your impact. 

If you are not sure if a track is an approved walking or access trail, please don’t take it! Protection of these crucially conserved areas is in the hands of our community to do the right thing.