Citizenship Ceremonies


PMHC is responsible for conducting Australian Citizenship ceremonies for conferees approved by the Department of Home Affairs. 

To become a citizen, please apply through the Department of Home Affairs.

As a citizen, you can:

  • vote in all government elections
  • if your children were born overseas, you may apply for them to become citizens
  • apply for a job in the Australian Public Service of Australian Defence Force
  • apply for an Australian passport, leave and re-enter Australia
  • ask for consular help from an Australian official while overseas
  • seek election to parliament

If you're eligible to become a citizen, you'll be asked to complete an application, pay a fee and attend a short interview. Most applicants take a citizenship test and answer questions about:

  • Australia and its people
  • our democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
  • government and the law in Australia

Any enquiries about processing applications can be directed to the Department of Home Affairs. Processing can take up to 14 months. To check on progress, log in to your ImmiAccount. The department will let you know in writing if your application is successful or otherwise.


Once citizenship is approved, the Department writes to the conferee advising that they will be invited by us to attend a Citizenship Ceremony to make their pledge, receive their Citizenship Certificate, and celebrate this achievement. 

Citizenship ceremonies are held approximately every eight weeks and the Mayor is our presiding officer.

The ceremony includes:

  • Welcome to Country
  • Welcome by the Mayor
  • the Australian Citizenship Pledge
  • the presentation of certificates of Australian citizenship
  • the presentation of a gift to all new citizens
  • Affirmation of Australian Citizenship
  • the singing of the National anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

To become a citizen, you must make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at your citizenship ceremony.  In doing so, you are making a public commitment to Australia and accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

Citizenship Ceremonies are scheduled in January, March, May, July, August and November 2024.