Procurement rules


Procurement rules govern how council buys goods, services and works. They are designed to ensure council and our rate payers get value for money.

It can involve a large variety of things such as:

  • Roads
  • Footpaths
  • Recreational facilities
  • Community facilities
  • Parks
  • Trees
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Office equipment
  • Professional services
  • Utilities. 

Our procurement policy

Our Procurement Policy outlines the requirements we must follow when we procure goods, works or services. It helps ensure we obtain the best value for us and the community. 

Our statement of business ethics policy

Our Statement of Business Ethics Policy(PDF, 939KB) sets the ethical ground rules for all business dealings between us and our suppliers and business partners, including contractors, tenderers and consultants.

It also explains the consequences for staff, councillors, suppliers and business partners who don’t comply with the requirements.