Floodplain management

Flooded Hastings river at Settlement Point

We work to reduce the impact of floods by:

  • Carrying out studies to understand flood risk.
  • Keeping the community informed about flooding.
  • Supporting emergency management planning.
  • Examining options to manage flood risk.
  • Controlling the development of flood-prone land.
  • Carrying out management actions including the investigation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of flood mitigation works.

The Port Macquarie-Hastings Flood Policy details floodplain management measures that are used to govern planning decisions in flood-prone areas.

We have six identified floodplain areas in our region:

  • Hastings River
  • Camden Haven
  • Lake Cathie
  • Wrights Creek
  • Hibbard Precinct
  • North Brother local catchment

Hazard mapping for these areas, based on a one in 100 year flood, can be found below.