Pressure sewer systems


Pressure sewer systems consists of a below-ground collection chamber and pump unit which stores, grinds and pumps sewage under pressure into council’s sewerage system.

Under normal running conditions your tank stores a maximum of 112 litres and it is then pumped down to 80 litres. In case of a fault and depending on your water usage the tank has the capacity to store up to 720 litres in total which under 'normal' usage is approximately 2 days.

The unit is wired to your household’s electricity supply and is operated by a control panel that features audible and visible alarms which are usually activated if there are any issues with the system.

What to do in the event of a power outage

When there is no electrical power, the pressure sewer system is unable to operate.

Until your unit is back up and operational, residents are encouraged to limit the amount of sewage going into the system. You can do this by:

  • Only use water for vital activities such as toilet flushing or short showers;
  • Don't leave taps running; and
  • Don't use dishwashers or washing machines.
  • In the instance where your unit has been flooded, there will be no storage left in the tank.

Once power returns to your area, residents are advised to reset their units by taking the following steps:

  • On the controller, push the button on the bottom edge to silence the audible alarm
  • Discontinue water usage in your premises unless in an emergency
  • Wait 1 hour to ascertain if the pump reduces the level in the tank
  • If the warning light goes out - the situation has corrected and water usage can proceed as normal
  • If the warning light remains on, please contact us

Overflow relief gully (ORG)

Your home’s sewage system does include an overflow relief gully (ORG). It is an opening that acts as a relief point between the house drain and Council’s sewer system. It is located outside your house, generally in the area outside your kitchen.

The ORG should be above ground level to ensure stormwater does not enter.

Property owners should ensure that there are no obstructions/landscaping  blocking the overflow path. The ORG allows sewage to surcharge if a blockage or significant wet weather event occurs to prevent flooding of sewage in your home. Water will flow through this gully instead of through your house drainage system.

Should sewage be observed to being close to, or coming out of your ORG, every effort should be made to minimise the amount of sewage going into the system.

Pressure Sewer System Equipment Relocation

An application for a S306 Notice of Requirements Application is to be made to Council to carry out any proposed development affecting Pressure Sewer Unit equipment.