The large koala population in our area requires careful management. We are working with government and other organisations to protect these iconic animals. You can help by being aware of threats to koalas and supporting the conservation work being done.

Koalas in our region

  • There are more than 2,000 koalas in our region.
  • Our koala population is one of the largest in NSW.
  • The main threats to koalas in our region are loss of habitat, road strikes and dog attacks.
  • Our joint initiatives are setting an example for koala conservation across Australia.

How we are protecting our koalas

We are working with all levels of government to protect our koalas and maintain the biodiversity of our region.  Our Koala Recovery Strategy(PDF, 3MB)  aims to ensure the growth of our region is balanced with the protection of the koalas in our area.

We are part of the Koala Recovery Partnership, which works with landholders, the community, research groups and government to achieve better conservation outcomes for koalas.

Some of the projects we’ve been involved with include:

  • Planting of more than 3,000 trees as part of a food revegetation program by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.
  • Using GPS technology to track koala movements and home range.
  • Designing a fit-for-purpose koala fence to reduce road strikes.
  • A world-first ‘Koalas Living with Dogs’ pilot training program – which involved 19 dogs trained to be de-sensitised to koalas, to prevent dog attacks.
  • Implementing koala crossing signs on some local roads.

If you see a koala

  • If the koala is in danger, injured or distressed, contact the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Rescue Hotline on 6584 1522 (24 hour phone number). Signs of injury or illness include limping, inflamed eyes, or dark stained rump.
  • Report any koala sighting to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. This provides useful data about koalas in our region. Observing the location and physical features of the animal, and taking photos, can be helpful too.