Our region has one of the largest koala populations in Australia and we are lucky to share our home with the iconic and unique animal.

Koalas are important to our region's identity, and it is our shared responsibility to ensure the longevity of koalas in the Port Macquarie Hastings.

The large koala population in our area requires careful management. We are working with government and other organisations to protect these iconic animals. You can help by being aware of threats to koalas and supporting the conservation work being done.

Koalas in our region

  • There are more than 2,000 koalas in our region.
  • Our koala population is one of the largest in NSW.
  • The main threats to koalas in our region are loss of habitat, road strikes and dog attacks.
  • Our joint initiatives are setting an example for koala conservation across Australia. 

Protecting koalas

We are working with all levels of government to protect our koalas and maintain the biodiversity of our region.  Our Koala Recovery Strategy(PDF, 3MB) and Koala Plans of Management aim to ensure the growth of our region is balanced with the protection of the koalas in our area.

Reducing road strikes

Unfortunately, koalas are expected to be extinct by 2050 unless we act to preserve their lives now. One of the biggest threats to our koala population is vehicle road strikes. In 2020, there were 41 reported road strikes in our region involving a koala, and of those 41 strikes, 33 incidents resulted in the death of the koala. 

By changing our behaviours on the road, we can reduce these numbers and trauma for our wildlife, and our community. 

Make sure to slow down when we see signs that tell us wildlife are out and about in the area. You can help by making these small changes:

  • Look for road signs and take notice of speed limits
  • Slow down in koala zones
  • Take extra care at dawn and dusk
  • Remember that when you’re on the road, you are in charge of protecting every life. 

Helping koalas in an emergency

If you see a koala in danger, injured or distressed, contact the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Rescue Hotline on 6584 1522 (24 hour phone number). Signs of injury or illness include limping, inflamed eyes, or dark stained rump.

Report any koala sighting to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. This provides useful data about koalas in our region. Observing the location and physical features of the animal, and taking photos, can be helpful too.