Bin collection


Your green bin is collected weekly, while your yellow bin is collected fortnightly.

Your red bin can be collected either weekly or fortnightly. Follow the steps below to check your bin collection day.

Our WasteInfo App is the easiest way to keep track of your bin collection day and which bin to put out each week. 

Find your bin collection day

There are three easy steps to finding which day your bins are collected, and whether it’s red or yellow bin week: 

Step 1: Find your bin collection day

Open the list of street addresses for your area and find your street name. You’ll see a column indicating which day of the week your bins are emptied.

Port Macquarie street addresses(PDF, 861KB)
Surrounding Areas street addresses(PDF, 1MB)

Step 2: Check your week

Check whether your street address is allocated to Week 1 or Week 2. You can find this on the same list above, in the right hand column.

Step 3: See which bin to put out each week

Download the calendar below that matches which week you’ve been allocated. The colours on the calendar let you know which bin to put out on bin day. 

Week 1 Waste Collection Calendar(PDF, 115KB)
Week 2 Waste Collection Calendar(PDF, 115KB)

Missed bin collection

If your bin collected please contact JR Richards on 1300 787 223. You can also drop off household items at any of our waste facilities.

Remote rural waste collection

A monthly waste collection service is provided for residents living in some rural locations with no bin services. This collection includes the pick-up of recycling and household waste, but does not include green bin organic waste.

This collection happens on the last Saturday of the month at the following locations and times:

  • Byabarra Hall: between 8.30am and 10.30am
  • Ellenborough Reserve: between 11am and 1pm

Tips for fresher bins

  • Use the free compostable bags from Council for your food waste.  Try layering food waste with lawn and garden clippings in your green bin.
  • Keep lids shut and bins out of direct sunlight if possible.
  • Regularly clean your bins clean, bi-carb soda can help.
  • Tightly wrap, bag or double-bag nappies, sanitary waste and pet waste.
  • There are products available such as odour neutralising nappy bags and bin deodorisers that can help.