Dog friendly areas

We have many dog-friendly areas where you can exercise your dog off-leash and on leash. These include dedicated dog parks and dog friendly beaches. Use the map below to see where you can and can't take your dog.  

When you are out and about with your dog, please remember your responsibilities:  

  • Keep your dog on their leash unless you are in an off-leash area 
  • Always supervise your dog and keep it under your control at all times 
  • Please pick up your dog’s poo in the interests of health and safety 
  • Don’t bring your dog within 10 metres of a children’s playground  

Note: you can open this map in a new window if you do not see it appear on this page. 

Tips on using the interactive map

Tips on how to use the interactive map (desktop)

  • Zoom using the or - signs in the top left hand corner
  • Click on the dog icons to find out more about that location
  • To zoom into specific locations within the region, click the blue links in the panel on the right of the map
  • To reset the map to the original view of a region, just hit the Home icon

Tips on how to use the interactive map (mobile)

  • To zoom to a region, choose from the list in the menu at the top left corner of the app
  • To details of specific locations click the 'Blue I' information button in the top right corner of the map