Reporting onsite sewage issues

NOTE: This page is for reporting on-site sewage (septic system) issues. To report issues with Council’s Sewer Network (such as sewage leaks), call 6581 8111 (available 24/7) to report the issue.

Wastewater on top of the ground surface can increase the risk of spreading diseases to humans and can harm the environment. If you've noticed sludge or smelly water on a neighbouring property or place of business, there may be a problem with their on-site sewage system.  

Help us keep our environment clean and people safe by reporting the issue to us. 

Before you report

Step 1.Take some notes

Has the water been there long? Can you see a pipe discharging? Is it seeping from the ground? Does it occur during dry weather or only when it rains? 

Step 2.Talk to your neighbour

Is your neighbour aware of the situation? They may not know there is an issue with their on-site sewage system or they may be emptying buckets of greywater, which can be emptied on the grass. 

Step 3.Take a photo

Photos and videos help us to see and identify the issue that may be occurring. 

Step 4.Report the issue

If you notice a leak or discharge from one of Councils sewer systems, call 6581 8111 immediately.