Reporting on vehicles on beaches

Beach four wheel driving is popular in our region, and drivers must obey the beach driving rules and have a permit. Drivers not doing the right thing should be reported to us for follow up, so that everyone can enjoy the beach safely.  

Before you report


Beach permits are now digital, so permit stickers are no longer displayed on the windshield. 

Step 1.Understand what isn't allowed

  • Driving or parking a vehicle on the vegetated dune of any beach.
  • Driving in restricted or prohibited areas such as patrol areas.
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle.
  • Driving faster than 25km/h when within 100m of other vehicles or people. 
  • Read the complete beach driving rules here

Step 2.Take a photo

Take a photo or video for evidence so we can see if and how the driver's behaviour is breaching the beach driving rules.  Take notes including the vehicle registration number, make/model of the vehicle, time and date.

Step 3.Report the issue

Complete all details on our online form. Provide as much detail as you can.