Reporting on litter

Litter often ends up in our waterways, is a major threat to local wildlife, it looks unsightly and can cost a lot of money to clean up. Litter can prevent us from enjoying our local community spaces and have a negative impact on local businesses.

Help us keep litter off the streets and report any littering you see.  

Before you report

Step 1.Determine the issue

Are you requesting a clean up of some litter or did you witness someone littering? 
Both issues can be reported using our online form. 

Littering from a vehicle

If you see someone littering from their vehicle, report this online using Report to EPA. Include as many notes as possible including the vehicle registration, make/model of car, time and place the littering occurred. 

Litter in a public place

If you find a lot of litter along our local roads, in parks, on beaches, in rivers or town centres, and you are unable to pick it up, report this to us so that we can remove it. 

Step 2.Take a photo

It's hard to take action without proof, so take some photos or a video for evidence so we can investigate thoroughly. 

Keep your notes, photographs, videos and any other evidence for one year as you may be required to attend court as a witness if the littering fine is disputed.

Step 3.Report the issue

Complete all details on our online form. Provide as much detail as you can. 


The Picitup program encourages everyone to become an everyday litter champion and pick up rubbish they see to help keep our environment litter free. 

Pick up your free ‘Picitup’ Litter Kit from our Port Macquarie Customer Service Office, containing a handmade Boomerang shoulder-bag, four litter sacks, two pairs of gloves and a booklet to record what litter is picked up. 

The Picitup program is proudly supported by the Midwaste Regional Waste Group.