Report a prohibited sign

Signs erected on public or private land without approval can be distracting, cause a nuisance to others or harm our local environment. Help us keep control of prohibited signs across our region by reporting them to us.  

Before you report

Step 1.Is the sign on private property? 

Home business signs on private property that relate to the property do not need approval if they comply with certain size dimensions. Temporary signs on private property (such as circus signs) are also exempt if they comply with certain size dimensions. If you are unsure, report it to us. 

Step 2.Is the sign on public land? 

All signs in a public place require an approval. 

Step 3.Take a photo

Include a photo of the sign and note the hours or days that the sign is out as evidence to go with your report. Also include who you think owns the sign. 

Step 4.Report the issue