Reporting dumped waste

The dumping of waste materials poses a health risk, damages our environment, looks unsightly and results in expensive clean-up costs for the community.

Help keep our region beautiful by reporting dumped waste immediately. 

Before you report

Step 1.Is it life threatening? 

In an emergency where there is a threat to human health, such as toxic fumes or a large chemical spill, call 000 to report it immediately.

Step 2.Is it a threat to the environment? 

If the dumped waste includes an immediate threat to the environment, report it immediately to:
- the EPA on 131 555 for large incidents over 2 trailer loads
- us on 6581 8111 for incidents under 2 trailer loads 

Step 3.Take a photo

Take a photo or video for evidence so we can see the contents and estimated size of the dumped rubbish. 

Step 4.Report the issue

Complete all details on our online form. Provide as much detail as you can. 

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping is the disposal of any rubbish larger than litter (household, commercial or green waste) that is deliberately taken to another place (public or private) such as bushlands, waterways, streets, laneways, parks and footpaths, rather than pay to dispose of at a waste facility.