Report an abandoned vehicle

If you find what you think is an abandoned vehicle, report it and our rangers will investigate. 

A vehicle that is legally parked, registered and not causing an obstruction or danger to the public is not considered an abandoned vehicle. 

Before you report

Step 1.Consider the condition of the car

Is the car clean and well maintained? Or is the car covered in cobwebs, leaves and twigs? Does it have broken parts attached or dangling?  The condition of the car is a good indication on whether the car is still being used. 

Step 2.Is it registered? 

Does it have a licence plate? Is it an out-of-state plate? Not all unregistered vehicles are abandoned. If an owner claims an unregistered vehicle, it is not considered abandoned. 

Step 3.Why you wouldn't need to make a report

There is no time limit for cars and trailers to remain legally parked on a street. A vehicle is not considered abandoned if all or some of the following apply:

  • it is legally parked
  • it is registered (to a nearby address)
  • it is claimed by the owner
  • it is not causing an obstruction or danger to the public
  • it has just moved from interstate

Step 4.Report the issue

If you still suspect the vehicle could be abandoned after considering the above, report it to us.