Reporting dog issues

Dogs are popular pets, but some dog behaviours are concerning to others. Roaming dogs can be annoying to neighbours or seem threatening to other people. Dog poop that is not picked up is unsightly, smelly and can impact others enjoying outdoor spaces.  

If you want to report a roaming dog, or have an issue with dog defacation, or are concerned about a dog you think is menacing, follow the steps below to resolve the issue. 


Before you report

Step 1.Talk to the dog owner first

If you know the dog owner, have a chat to them or drop a friendly note in their mailbox. They may be unaware that their dog is roaming or pooping on your property. Letting them know about the problem gives them the opportunity to fix it.

Step 2.We need the doggy details

We need to know the dog breed and description of the dog plus the date, time, frequency, place or property where the behaviour occurred. If you can take a photo of the dog and it's behaviour, it will help towards the details. 

Step 3.We need the owner details

We can only take action if we know the identity of the dog's owner. We need a name and address plus description of the dog to match it to the owner. If you don't know the identity of the owner, but saw the car they drove away in, you will need to provide us with the licence plate number so we can try to match the address to the dog owner.    

Step 4.Report the issue

If you have contained a roaming dog on your property, call us on 6581 8111 and we will come collect the dog and attempt to return it to the owner. If you have all of the above details, you can make a report. 

Rangers on patrol

We regularly patrol the majority of our beaches, parks and reserves within our local government area at random times.

We have increased our patrols in the following popular areas:

  • Town Beach breakwall area
  • Oxley Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Wayne Richards Park
  • Lake Cathie Foreshore
  • North Haven foreshore walk  

Issuing fines to dog owners

Fining an owner for not picking up their dog's poop can only be issued if they are caught in the act. If it's alleged that the dog has pooped and the owner has not disposed of it correctly, we need evidence of this, plus all the details as mentioned above. The dog owner has the right to dispute any claims made so you need to be willing to back your statement if it goes to court.