Report a dog attack

It is not uncommon for dogs to attack other dogs. On some occasions, dogs may attack people. If a dog attack is happening right now, call us on 6581 8111 and we can come to the scene immediately.

If you are reporting an attack after the incident has occurred, follow the steps below to make your report. 

Before you report

Step 1.Make sure you have all the details

A dog attack may be distressing to see and is a very serious matter. For a thorough investigation to commence, we need to have all the following details: 

  • What was the nature of the attack?
  • When did it happen - time, date, location?
  • What type of dog attacked?
  • Describe what the dog looked like. 
  • Do you know who owns the dog?
  • Were they there?
  • Do you know the dog's name?
  • Was the dog taken away in a car? Describe the car.
  • Did you get the car registration details?
  • Were there any witnesses? Do you have the witness details? 

Step 2.What happens next? 

We will investigate the attack, provided we have the contact details of the dog owner. We will get statements from both parties about the attack. The investigation can be a lengthy process if the outcome is to declare the dog dangerous. You may also be required to attend court as a witness to your statement. 

Note: It is the dog owners decision whether a dog is put down after an attack. We don’t usually remove dogs from their owners unless they cannot be secured. 

Step 3.Report the issue 

Why a dog attack may occur

It's important to understand that any dog may attack or bite, even the family pet. A dog may be provoked into attacking. This includes a situation where a dog is being teased or treated cruelly, a dog responding to an attack on its owner or member of the owners family, or a dog responding to a trespasser.