Reporting parking concerns

When vehicles park in prohibited areas, it restricts local access and traffic flow and compromises the safety of pedestrians.

If you have a parking concern that impacts traffic flow, local access and people’s safety, report it to us. 

Before you report

Step 1.Take detailed notes

It's hard to take action without having lots of detail about the issue.  Take notes including the vehicle registration number, make/model of the vehicle, time and date of the incident, how long the vehicle was parked, identity of the driver (if known). 

Step 2.Take a photo

Take some photos at different angles or a video for evidence so we can investigate thoroughly. 

Keep your notes, photographs, videos and any other evidence for one year as you may be required to attend court as a witness if the penalty is disputed.

Step 3.Report the issue

Complete all details on our online form. Provide as much detail as you can. 

Parking rules

Examples of where parking is not allowed: 

  • in school zones
  • overstaying signposted time limits
  • between 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' signs
  • on public reserves
  • across driveways
  • on nature strips or footpaths
  • in the opposite direction of travel 
  • within 10m of an intersection (without traffic lights)
  • within 3m of double centre lines

In these instances, infringement notices may be issued. Check our parking fact sheet(PDF, 773KB) to identify where vehicles can legally park and what we can do to help when vehicles are affecting local access.