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Microchipping can be done by your local vet and is a safe way of ensuring that your pet will be returned to you if it is found wandering or stray. All cats and dogs (other than exempt) must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age, or before being sold or given away.

Microchipping and lifetime registration applies to all cats and dogs which are born, or who change owners after 1 July 1999. From this date your kitten or dog (but not your already owned cat) must be microchipped and registered. This form of registration is a one off payment and covers the entire life of the animal.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice. Your pet will feel little pain as the chip is inserted quickly and safely between the shoulders. Inside the chip is a number which can be read by a scanner to identify your pet. The State-wide Register NSW Pet Registry records all microchip numbers which are linked to owners' details. This means you can be informed if your pet is found. Make sure you keep your contact details up to date on www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au


This page was last updated on: 07 October 2020