Fire safety statement


Building owners are required to meet certain fire safety measures and show evidence that these requirements have been met. It’s an offence if you fail to meet these requirements and penalties can apply.

Your premises may require an annual Fire Safety Statement or a Fire Safety Certificate, submitted upon completion of a new builds, if it’s been subject to:

  • a building approval
  • construction certificate
  • complying development certificate
  • fire safety schedule
  • notice or order by Council after 1 July 1998.

Our Fire and Building Safety Fact Sheet(PDF, 387KB) provides more information about the requirements.  

Acquire a fire safety statement of certificate

Step 1.Download the relevant form: 

You will either require the:

Please note: the above new forms must be used from 1 September 2022.

Step 2.Lodge your application:

Submit the completed form at one of our offices and pay the relevant fee(PDF, 6MB).

Step 3.Inform Fire and Rescue NSW:

  1. Email a copy of the completed form to Fire and Rescue NSW – Building Fire Safety Unit:
  2. Make the email subject ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY STATEMENT: Year - Address - Building Name/Company - Strata Number

Further information