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Development Control Plans (DCPs)

A Development Control Plan (DCP) is the key supporting document to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP). This plan provides detailed guidance for the design considerations, general standards and area-based provisions related to development.

Council is incrementally moving towards an updated and reformatted Development Control Plan, though at present there are 2 DCPs that may be relevant. Proposed amendments to the Port Macquarie  Hastings Development Control Plans are on Exhibition to 31 January 2020. Refer to this link for details:


The primary DCP is Port Macquarie-Hastings Development Control Plan 2013, which covers general issues and will be progressively updated to incorporate area-based provisions currently within the other DCP.

At present there are area-based DCP provisions within:

  • Port Macquarie-Hastings Development Control Plan 2013 Part 4, and
  • Port Macquarie-Hastings Development Control Plan 2011 Part 5.

The current DCP provisions are listed below, together with links to download the DCP in associated files.

Development Control Plan 2013

The DCP contains Parts and, within them, Chapters, each clearly numbered.

Chapter Title Last update
Part 1 DCP Overview
1.1 Preamble 12/04/2017
1.2 Planning Framework (Guiding legislation and related strategies) 08/11/2013
1.3 Community Participation (Requirements relating to community consultation)

This Chapter has been superseded by the adopted Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Community Participation Plan (CPP) 2019.

Part 2 General Provisions
Relates to common aspects of development
2.1 Preamble 08/11/2013
2.2 Advertising and Signage 08/11/2013
2.3 Environmental Management 08/11/2013
2.4 Hazards Management 29/03/2017
2.5 Transport, Traffic Management, Access and Car Parking 08/11/2013
2.6 Tree Management
This Chapter now operates under Part 3 (and clause 26) of State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017.
2.7 Social Impact Assessment and Crime Prevention 08/11/2013
Part 3 Development Specific
Provisions Relates to specific types of development
3.1 Preamble 08/11/2013
3.2 Low Density Residential Development 08/11/2013
3.3 Residential Flat Development, Tourist and Visitor Accommodation, Mixed Use Development
Refer also to the Apartment Design Guide, NSW Dept of Planning & Environment 2015
3.4 Business and Commercial Development 11/07/2014
Industrial Development 08/11/2013
3.6 Subdivision 08/11/2013
Part 4 Greater Port Macquarie Area
Contains location-specific provisions for the land identified at the start of Chapter 4.1 (and at the start of each Chapter for the land covered by that Chapter)
4.1 Preamble 15/01/2016
4.2 Port Macquarie Greater Town Centre 02/04/2015
4.3 Port Macquarie East
4.4 Port Macquarie West
4.5 Thrumster 15/08/2014
4.6 Highway Employment Lands 10/07/2015
4.7  Highways Gateway Sites  30/08/2019
Part 5 Southern Coastal Towns
Contains location-specific provisions for the land identified at the start of Chapter 5.1 (and at the start of each Chapter for the land covered by that Chapter)
5.1 Preamble 12/04/2017
5.2 Lake Cathie - Bonny Hills
Currently relates to the new development areas of Rainbow Beach
 5.3 Camden Haven West
Currently relates to Homedale Rd, Kew

Documents to download:

Where area-based provisions apply

Development Control Plan Map 2019

Development Control Plan 2011

Part 5 Area Based Provisions

1. Port Macquarie Town Centre

3. Flynn’s Beach Precinct

5. King Creek

7. Hastings River Drive

8. Wauchope Mixed Use Precinct

9. North Haven Shopping Precinct

11. Sancrox Employment Lands (see Note 1 below)

12. Area 15 Camden Haven    

13. West Haven

15. Settlement City Precinct

16. Fernbank Park Employment Land

Document to Download:

 Development Control Plan 2011- updated April 20177MB pdf(PDF, 7MB)

Note 1

The Sancrox Employment Lands Chapter includes references to the following documents:

Variations to DCP provisions

DCPs are intended to have a degree of flexibility and may be varied in some instances. Broadly it is expected that development proposals will comply with the relevant Objectives, and generally this can be achieved by satisfying the associated Development Provisions. However, Council may accept alternative ways of complying with the Objectives - ensure adequate information is submitted to demonstrate this. For more information on variations to the standards speak with Council’s Duty Planner.

This page was last updated on: 03 February 2020