Ocean Drive Duplication

Night and weekend works will be updated weekly and listed under the drop-down menu below.

Emerald Drive Intersection Closure
Major work is planned for the Emerald Drive and Matthew Flinders Drive intersection upgrade over two stages to prepare the intersection for two extra lanes and future traffic lights.

At a glance
• Emerald Drive closed at Marbuk Avenue and Ocean Drive from 3 June 
• No pedestrian or vehicle access in this location for the duration of the work
• Detour for north and southbound traffic via Jonas Absalom Drive
• Stage 1 works may take until the end of the year to complete

Find out more by reading our ODD Emerald Drive Closure May 2024 notification.

Arch unit alignment and placement




Arch backfilling


The duplication of Ocean Drive is a large-scale, major priority project that is key to building a sophisticated road network for our region.

The project has undergone a detailed project-planning phase, community consultation and extensive design work with ecologically sustainable assessments on the 3.4kms of proposed duplication over recent years.

Works have commenced on this project. We’ll update the project status and upcoming works on this page. You can also sign up for e-newsletters by hitting the subscribe button below. 


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Night and Weekend Works

The ODD project is operating under an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) issued and monitored by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority. This licence sets out the number of days/hours that we can work outside of the regular working hour - that is, overnight and on weekends.

We will list any out of hours works here and link this to the relevant application, which contains details about the works, location and impacts. You can view these documents and the EPL via the related documents link on the right-hand side of this webpage. 

Upcoming Work (date to be scheduled)

  • Monday 3 June from 6pm - line marking Ocean Drive to Emerald Drive - Ocean Drive open under traffic management.

  • Monday 3 June - Tuesday 4 June. Water pumping south of Crestwood/Dahlsford Intersection. Night detour by Livingstone Road both directions.

  • Watermain (WM11) trenching and installation. Ocean Drive closed, detour via Livingstone Road.

  • Greenmeadows Drive (south) will be closed to traffic to complete asphalt pavement works. Detour via Greenmeadows Drive north traffic signals.

  • Maranatha Place will be closed to traffic to complete asphalt pavement works. 



Project status and upcoming works

Greenmeadows Drive intersection upgrade

The upgrade of the Greenmeadows Drive (south) intersection is an integral part of the Ocean Drive Duplication; it is the point where the new dual lanes connect with the existing dual carriageway. The process involves three stages of work and changed traffic conditions. Work will be done from the week of Monday 16 October with some night work necessary.

Please take care turning into Greenmeadows Drive due to the proximity of the temporary access to the entry/exit of the Dahlsford Grove Lifestyle Village.

For details on this work please read the Community Update in our related documents section. 

Water and sewer work

The upgrade and realignment of water and sewer services is a key part of the Ocean Drive Duplication. We have a range of works planned over October and November for trenching and pipe laying across Ocean Drive and connecting streets. The best way to stay up to date is to sign up to our project e-news and to take notice of the Variable Message Boards (VMS) along Ocean Drive.

Highly impacted residents will be contacted directly about any night works.

Underpass Closure Update

Prior to closing the underpasses earlier this year, we expected the works to take 6 months. Due to unforeseen events (e.g. the structure of the earth in the piling area and the time taken to relocate power lines underground) the underpasses will remain closed for a while longer.

We apologise for the disruption this is causing to neighbourhood life and the important connections that these underpasses offer.

What are the proposed works?

The Ocean Drive project will include the duplication of two lanes to four divided travel lanes from Greenmeadows Drive (South) to Matthew Flinders Drive/Emerald Drive.

The works will include upgraded intersections and access points, a shared user path improving pedestrian connectivity, provision for on road cyclists, koala exclusion fencing and retaining structures to minimise impact on adjacent sensitive environmental areas.

To improve Council’s water supply network in this area, sections of the water mains will also be upgraded as part of the project.

Why is this project important?

Ocean Drive Duplication is a critical project in the future planning of a sophisticated road network to cater for the population and visitor growth expected in our region.

It will maintain the development of a high standard transport link between Port Macquarie, Lake Cathie, Bonny Hills, Laurieton and Kew.

The shared footpath will allow residents to ride and walk between Greenmeadows Drive (South) and the Lighthouse shopping and entertainment precinct at Matthew Flinders Drive.

The upgrade will feature  dedicated on road cycle lanes in both directions and off-road shared user paths.

The duplication will ease traffic flow at the Pacific Drive, Crestwood Drive and Matthew Flinders Drive intersections during peak periods.

Project timeline

Milestone Timing
Request For Tender - Construction March 2022
Construction Tender Awarded August 2022
Construction Starts Second half of 2022 (anticipated)
Construction Complete Second half of 2025 (anticipated)


How will this affect travel on Ocean Drive?

Ocean Drive is proposed to remain open for the duration of the works. However, there may be the need to close sections of Ocean Drive during off-peak periods (depending on construction methodology) to speed up works and minimise public safety risks.

Construction will be staged to improve traffic safety and efficiency during this time.

How do I stay informed?

Please check the project webpage for regular updates. A suite of fact sheets and policies regarding project construction are being developed and will be made available for public viewing on this web page shortly. If you’d like more detailed information you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter on this project.

During construction, we will work with the contractor and use a variety of communication tools to keep the community updated on changes to traffic conditions.

Our community engagement team is already working with directly impacted businesses and residents and will continue to do so as the project progresses.

Have environmental impacts been taken into consideration?

The project has been developed with the aim of protecting koalas and other endangered fauna from road dangers.

A number of studies were completed during the design phase to assess the project impacts on koala movement. These studies can be found in the Review of Environmental Factors linked on this web page. In response to this assessment, the design includes koala exclusion fencing, and a dedicated fauna underpass fitted with koala furniture.

Council is also working with developers to provide koala exclusion fences around the southern and western subdivisions to retain koalas within the Lake Innes Nature Reserve and detract them from moving into residential areas where they are prone to vehicle strike and dog attacks.

What are the impacts on local residents?

This project will utilise the latest construction methods and equipment, including noise mitigation measures, during construction.

An assessment addressing noise during construction, which was completed in accordance with State Government noise guidelines, determined that noise walls were not required as a result of the proposed upgrade due to the minimal impacts forecasted.

There are a select few properties, however, that qualify for more localised at-property treatments. We are already working with these identified residents and businesses directly.

Although some construction noise is unavoidable, the Contractor will be required to monitor noisy activities when working adjacent to residential properties to minimise these impacts as far as is practical and ensure they are adhering to requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Once a contractor has been appointed, we will provide detailed advice on the important matters of noise, vibration, dust and service interruptions.

Was the community consulted about this project?

Yes. Significant community consultation was completed during the design phase of the project between 2015 and 2017.

You can view the Community Consultation Report via the linked documents section on this web page.

Consultation is continuing, with our Engagement team working with businesses and directly impacted residents.

Who can I contact to learn more?

24 hour Project Contact Line

0427 430 577

Customer Service


(02) 6581 8111


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