Register of road ownership

There are more than 1,400 roads within our Local Government Area, covering more than 1,300km.

These range from single-lane unsealed roads, servicing very few rural properties in our hinterland, through to high-traffic arterial roads, which carry more than 25,000 vehicle movements each day.

The ownership and responsibility for roads is determined by its classification, either as a State, Local or Regional road. 

Find information on what each road classification is, who the road authority is for each classification, and a register of each road and its classification below.

Local roads

Most roads in our region are local roads owned and managed by our staff at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

These include some very busy roads, such as Lake Road, William Street, John Oxley Drive, Park Street and Clifton Drive, through to sealed and unsealed roads which may service only a few properties and a handful of vehicle movements per day.

Regional roads

Regional roads are owned and managed by us, with funding support from the NSW Government.

These roads represent approximately 80km of our network and include Ocean Drive, Hastings River Drive, Kendall Road and Comboyne Road.

State roads

State roads are owned and managed by the NSW State Government. This means that traffic management and maintenance is managed by Transport for NSW.

There are two State roads in the Port Macquarie-Hastings government area:

  • Pacific Highway, including related intersections -
    • Houston Mitchell Drive/Pacific Highway
    • Oxley Highway/Pacific Highway.
  • Oxley Highway, including related intersections -
    • King Creek Road/Oxley Highway
    • Pacific Highway/Oxley Highway
    • Wrights Road/John Oxley Drive roundabout
    • Sherwood Road/Lake Road roundabout

Did you know that the Oxley Highway runs all the way through Port Macquarie to the intersection of Hastings River Drive and Ocean Drive traffic lights in Port Macquarie? Beyond this point through to the east, Gordon Street becomes the responsibility of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

View our Roads Register - Road List Summary 2023(PDF, 2MB)