Connection test booking

Recycled water connection testing

Residents with purple pipes on their properties can book a test with our water technicians, to ensure their properties connections are setup correctly. These tests check for cross connections with your drinking water supply, and are essential before we can start supplying your homes with recycled water.

To be eligible for an in-home, cross connection test you need to have received a letter from us inviting you to book a time for our water technicians to come to your home to undertake the test.

Our water technicians will need to access every tap in your home, so it’s best to plan for someone to be home to guide them. Please ensure that there is clear access to each tap, shower, and to your laundry.

Booking a test

Please complete your online booking using the form below and provide your contact details. You will be sent a confirmation email which will allow you to modify or cancel the appointment if required.

While this is our preferred booking method, you can call our customer service team on 6581 8111 for assistance if you cannot find a suitable booking time or you are experience technical difficulties.  

If you are having difficulties viewing or using the booking form below you can open in a new window. We recommend Chrome or Microsoft Edge for best user experience. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Why are we testing?

This mandatory check forms part of our regulatory requirements for managing a recycled water scheme. Over a five-year period, we need to test every property and business connected to recycled water.

What is a cross connection?

Cross connections are present when there is a mix up between the pipes that supply drinking water or recycled water to your home. We need to make sure that recycled water is only flowing through the purple pipes.

What if there is a cross connection at my property?

If a cross connection is detected you will need to engage a plumber to fix the connections (at your expense). We will arrange a time to re-check the pipes once this is complete.