Reporting on food safety

If you have purchased food in our region and experienced food poisoning, found unwanted objects in your food or seen unhygienic food practices, report it to us so we can investigate. If you believe your food was past it's use by date or included ingredients that were not listed, you can also report these to us.  

Help keep our dining establishments clean and safe by reporting food safety issues.

Before you report

Step 1.Name of the premises

Make sure you have the correct trading name of the business and address.

Step 2.It's the details that count

Provide as much detail as you can - describe the issue, details of the food, what you experienced, time and date and give us your details so we can contact you later if required. 

Step 3.Take a photo

Include photos or video of your experience if possible. 

Step 4.Report the issue

 Food safety concerns explained

  • Food poisoning - if you believe you got sick from something that you ate from a food premise.  Refer to NSW Food Authority's website on food poisoning
  • Foreign matter within food - you ate food that had something in it that shouldn’t have been there, such as a Band-Aid
  • Hygiene practices - where food is not handled or processed correctly, cleaning or pest control issues
  • Food labelling - food was incorrectly labelled or doesn’t have a label in English
  • Food quality - where you believe your food has expired, is not cooked properly, or contained items you specifically requested not to include (i.e. allergens such as peanuts, eggs, etc)

We inspect food premises in our region regularly to make sure they are complying with the Food Act 2003Food Regulation 2010 and the Food Standards Code. We will investigate if there has been a breach to these codes and regulations.