Reporting noise

Sound and noise occurs everyday, but there are laws that govern what noise is acceptable at certain times of the day. If offensive noise occurs outside the permitted hours, call the police on 000. 


Before you report

Step 1.Check the permitted noise times

See when loud noise made by common items is allowed in your neighbourhood. 

Step 2.Tell your neighbour

Approach your neighbour or person causing the noise and chat to them or drop off a letter in their mailbox. You may find they are unaware that their activities are impacting you and will be happy to amend their behaviour without the need to report the issue.

Step 3.Resolve the issue through mediation

If talking to your neighbour doesn't resolve the issue, you can contact a Community Justice Centre (CJC). These are government-funded but independent centres that specialise in settling differences between neighbours without entering into complicated legal processes. 

Step 4.Report the issue

If you have tried all of the above and the offensive noise continues, report the issue to us for investigation. If the noise is classified as offensive (under the law), or is occurring outside the permitted hours, we will take the appropriate action.

Permitted noise times

Noisy item Permitted times
Domestic power tools
- lawn mower or lawn trimmer,
- blower or sweeper, 
- garden mulcher, edge-cutter or a chipper shredder,
- chainsaw, circular saw or compressor 

7am-8pm weekdays

8am-8pm weekends and public holidays 

Musical instruments and sound equipment

8am-10pm weekdays

8am-Midnight Friday, Saturday or night before a public holiday

Motor vehicles on private property (except when leaving or entering)


7am-8pm weekdays

8am-8pm weekends and public holidays

Air conditioners 

7am-10pm weekdays

8am-10pm weekends and public holidays

Pumps (e.g. swimming pool pump, spa pump)

7am-8pm weekdays

8am-8pm weekends and public holidays

Heat pump water heater

7am-10pm weekdays

8am-10pm weekends and public holidays

Refrigeration units fitted to motor vehicles  

7am-8pm weekdays

8am-8pm weekends and public holidays

Adapted from the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2017.

Try to make sure that your activities at home do not become a noise nuisance to your neighbours. Here are some things you can do to keep the peace in your neighbourhood:

  • Keep noise generating activities within the permitted times.

  • Let your neighbours know in advance if you are going to be doing something noisy like having a party, doing building work or using a chainsaw etc.
  • Be mindful of your neighbours when playing amplified music or using power tools etc.

  • Keep the noise in your backyard or on your balcony down so it won’t disturb your neighbours, especially during the evening and at night.

  • Avoid revving your car’s engine repeatedly when you turn on your car’s ignition, especially early in the morning.

  • Choose quiet models when buying equipment such as air conditioners, hot water heat pumps, pool pumps and rainwater tank pumps.

  • Enclose pool and spa pumps to muffle the noise so it does not reach your neighbours and run pumps only when necessary within the permitted times.

  • Choose quiet models when purchasing or hiring garden equipment such as leaf blowers, string trimmers, edge cutters and lawn mowers.