Register a food business


When opening a food business, there are specific requirements before you can operate.

You’ll need:

  • Approval of any initial construction or renovation
  • Approval to occupy the premises
  • To either hold a NSW Food Authority licence or notify the relevant authority to register your business.

Find more information about the requirements below.

Building or renovating a premises

If you’re constructing a food business in an empty premises, or making changes to an existing food premises, you need to follow theses requirements:

  1. Apply for Development Consent (DA).
  2. Once you’ve met DA conditions, apply for a Construction Certificate. The Certifier you use must ensure NSW Food Act Construction Standards are met.
  3. You may also need Grease Trap/Plumbing approval.
  4. Once you have a Construction Certificate, work can begin. Council officers may do building and plumbing inspections during this time.
  5. You’ll need an Occupation Certificate. Apply for an Occupation Certificate through the NSW Planning Portal. We will conduct a final inspection before issuing the certificate.

Helpful information:

Purchasing an existing food business

Prior to buying an existing food premises business you may wish apply for a pre-purchase inspection report from our Environmental Health Officer team.

We will inspect the premises and compile a report detailing any issues with the physical premises from a food hygiene perspective which can alert you to any potential problems that will require fixing. Once you have purchased the business you will become responsible for fixing any works to ensure that the premises complies with legislative requirements.

Once you have purchased the premises, you are required to register your business.

Registering your business

All food businesses must either:

Notify Council