Report a tree issue

Trees in our region are divided into two categories -  public trees (these are in our reserves, streets, public places) and private trees (these are on privately owned land).  We do not manage trees in National Parks or in State Forests.

To help us respond to your issue please provide as much detail as possible. You can let us know if:

  • branches which have fallen, split or are at risk of falling
  • there are overhanging branches that are in the way of pedestrians or vehicles
  • trees look unhealthy, these may have pests or possibly a disease.

Before you report

Step 1.Help us locate the issue

Note down the address, or provide landmarks and additional details to help us locate the issue. Details like reserve name, street name, or closest corner street are really helpful.

Step 2.Determine who’s land the tree is on

Is the tree on public land or on private property?  

Issues with neighbouring trees on private property are civil matters between property owners or managing agents, more information is available via the Land and Environment Court of NSW.

For trees in the National park or State forest, you can report them here.

Step 3.Explain the issue

Provide details of your concern Make sure to describe it in as much detail as possible.

Step 4.Take a photo

Uploading a photo of the issue helps us to identify the problem and action your enquiry.

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