Report Graffiti Vandalism

Report it to remove it! Download the VandalTrak App today.

Reporting graffiti on council or government property helps ensure it is removed as quickly as possible.

The VandalTrak App is new technology being used to effectively record and remove instances of graffiti across our region.

You’re responsible for removing graffiti from your own property, and we can provide you with a graffiti removal kit to assist.

Reporting graffiti

Step 1.If you see someone in the act of vandalism:

  • Call the police by phoning 000

Step 2.If you see graffiti on council property:

  1. Download the VandalTrak App
  2. Select your local govt. area as Port Macquarie Hastings Council
  3. Follow the prompts to register the graffiti location
  4. Council will log the location and send a team to remove the graffiti as soon as possible

Did you know?
Council only has jurisdiction to remove graffiti from its owned property. This consists of parks and playgrounds, libraries and council buildings, road signage and bus shelters.

Step 3.To report graffiti in other locations:

On private property Report via the NSW Police website   
On Telstra property Phone 1300 368 387
On Essential Energy property Report on the Essential Energy website 
On Transport NSW property Phone 1800 707 125
On Australia Post property Phone 13 13 18
Not sure? Phone the NSW Graffiti Hotline on 1800 707 125 


Removing graffiti

Property owners are responsible for removing graffiti from their properties. To remove graffiti:

  • Use our free graffiti removal kit (one per person, per year).
    The kits contain environmentally friendly graffiti removal products and protective equipment. This will remove most spray enamels and permanent markers from surfaces including painted surfaces, glass, stone, tiles, colour bond, stainless steel, brick, concrete, plastic and perspex. Order one using this form.

  • Use household cleaning products
    Use products such as dishwashing or laundry liquid, eucalyptus oil or mineral turpentine. Test on a small area first and follow instructions on the label.