Community Inclusion Plan

We value and respect our diverse community and recognise that we have a role in promoting and facilitating active community participation and working with other levels of government and community organisations to help reduce disadvantage, strengthen community well-being and celebrate diversity in our community.

To help do this, we have created this Community Inclusion Plan (CIP), which sets out our objectives, and proposed plan of action to help develop a socially just, resilient, connected, inclusive, liveable and engaged community - a community that respects the rights of all people and encourages self-determination and equity.

In the past, we have developed a Community Inclusion Plan in addition to a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) which informs our actions and goals to achieving greater inclusion within our community. This year we have made the decision to combine these documents to streamline the process of implementing the actions outlined within this plan. This Disability Inclusion Action Plan will now come under the title of Community Inclusion Plan, and will run on a concurrent timeline of 2022-2025.

Community inclusion plan 2022-2025 (Adopted June 2022)(PDF, 10MB)