Water Supply Policy and Procedures (2021)

Adopted - 19 May 2021.

The Water Supply Policy and it's underlying procedures outline the responsibilities of Council and residents relating to the supply of water within the our Local Government Area (LGA).

The Water Supply Procedure covers most information relating to the supply of water, including outlining what works residents and plumbers can or cannot do, and those which require Council approval. It also outlines Council’s requirements and service levels for the community.

The Water Supply Billing and Tariff Procedures covers all costs and fee matters relating to the supply of water, including rebates and hardship applications.

The Recycled Water Guidelines detail the specific uses and restrictions relating to the use of recycled water, as well as responsibilities of both Council and users.


Water Supply Policy 2021 (adopted 19 May 2021)(PDF, 88KB)
Water Supply Procedure (adopted 19 May 2021)(PDF, 491KB)
Water Supply Tariff and Billing Procedure (adopted 19 May 2021)(PDF, 262KB)
Recycled water information and guidelines (adopted 19 May 2021)(PDF, 397KB)
Water Conservation and Drought Management Procedure (adopted 19 May 2021)(PDF, 401KB)