Thrumster Structure Plan

The urban release of land at Thrumster followed identification of the land within our Hastings Urban Growth Strategy 2001 (now superseded by UGMS), detailed investigations and preparation of a Local Environmental Study and adoption of a Structure Plan.  (Note during the planning phase the Thrumster release area was also known as “Area 13”.)

While urban development of Thrumster will occur over many years, implementation of the Structure Plan has taken place through approval of LEP and DCPs, which are accessed elsewhere. 

Thrumster (also referred to as Area 13) is home to a breeding colony of koalas.  We have adopted a Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) with the primary aim to accommodate development whilst also facilitating, to the maximum extent possible, an increase in size of the koala population.

Implementation of the KPoM requires the prohibition of dogs within identified core koala habitat areas.  We have also prepared a Local Orders Policy to prohibit keeping of dogs within a defined area that reasonably matches the areas of core koala habitat. 

Area 13 Urban Investigation Area Koala Plan of Management 2008(PDF, 3MB)
Local Orders Policy - Prohibition of dogs in Koala habitat areas(PDF, 170KB)