Local Strategic Planning Statement

'Shaping Our Future 2040' is the core strategic land-use planning document for the our area. It outlines the vision for land-use planning in our local area over the next 20 years and sets the direction for our community’s environmental, social and economic land-use needs.

This plan will guide land-use planning decisions and the character of our centres and neighbourhoods and give direction to the decisions we will make to preserve and enhance the wellbeing of our people, our environment and our lifestyle into the future. It sets in motion a series of actions to be implemented by Council, other levels of government and the private sector over time.

Shaping Our Future is a living document and as such will be regularly reviewed in order to adapt to changes in our community's needs and priorities, national and state priorities and changes in our external environment over its 20-year life.

The Role of Shaping Our Future is to:
  • Set the 20 year land-use vision for the Port Macquarie-Hastings region
  • Identify the special characteristics that contribute to local identity and make our area special
  • Recognise our shared community values and how they will be maintained or enhanced
  • Direct how we manage future change
  • Identify and give effect to relevant directions located within the North Coast Regional Plan 2036
  • Identify gaps of knowledge where further strategic planning work is needed
  • Link Council’s strategies and plans to the implementation of the NSW Government’s Strategic Plans
  • Shape planning controls to facilitate the external environment over its 20-year life.
Local Strategic Planning Statement (2040)(PDF, 22MB)