Destination Management Plan

In early June 2020, we completed a whole of region destination management planning process to produce the region's official Destination Management Plan for 2020 to 2024. The process followed the nationally recognised approach developed by the Australian Regional Tourism Network and focuses on Destination Management as an ongoing process. This process was one in which industry, government and community leaders plan for the future and manage a destination. Our destination is considered holistically and encompasses all industry sectors, not just ‘tourism’.

Leveraging off the Towards 2030 Community Strategic Plan, we view Destination Management as one way we can achieve sustainable growth, engender industry viability and encourage the development and protection of key products and assets.

This process dovetails into clear directives communicated by the NSW State Government that destinations are required to have conducted a Destination Management Strategy/Plan to be eligible to access funding programs administered by Destination NSW. The Destination Management process is also important for our destination as it aims to bring our community together to enhance the financial and social benefits of visitor expenditure.

This plan required input from industry, government and community leaders to plan for the future and manage our destination. Our Economic Development team will work closely with these groups to facilitate implementation and reporting.

Destination management plan 2020-2024(PDF, 4MB)