Community Plans

Bonny Hills

Community Plans take a place-based approach that draws on the idea of participatory planning that "if you want to know how the shoe fits, ask the person who is wearing it, not the one who made it”. As part of this process, we work with communities to identify, promote and enhance the distinctive character of their local areas.

Community Plans help Council and community explore concepts of Place, character and liveability; identify a community’s strengths and assets; enable Council to understand the issues and priorities for each community and assess these priorities in relationship to Councils Operational Plan development; and encourage community-led place development. They aim to make a difference through developing a relationship between communities and Council, solve problems through creative thinking and identify actions to bring about improvements.

The community planning process also reflects recent changes in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Act that fosters greater community participation in the planning process, particularly around how communities and urban environments might change over time. By leveraging place-based and design-led approaches, these changes seek to build on the valued characteristics of existing neighborhoods and places. They also recognise and champion the important role communities play in defining existing character and shaping a desired future character for their local area.

Beechwood and Pembrooke (Endorsed: December 2020)(PDF, 8MB)
Bonny Hills (Endorsed: October 2019)(PDF, 5MB)
Camden Haven (Endorsed: December 2020)(PDF, 7MB)
Comboyne and Byabarra (Endorsed: November 2019)(PDF, 7MB)
Hastings Hinterland (Endorsed: December 2020)(PDF, 6MB)
Kew / Kendall / Herons Creek and Lorne (Endorsed: October 2020)(PDF, 14MB)
Lake Cathie (Endorsed: March 2020)(PDF, 9MB)
Pappinbarrra and Byabarra (Endorsed: October 2020)(PDF, 8MB)
Rollands Plains (Endorsed: October 2020)(PDF, 10MB)
Telegraph Point and surrounds (Endorsed: March 2020)(PDF, 7MB)
Wauchope and surrounds (Endorsed: October 2021)(PDF, 20MB)